Sunday, July 21, 2019

Moscow University to Begin Training Masters Degree-Level Students in Ethnic Politics

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 18 – The Russian State Humanities University has announced the opening of a masters degree program in ethnic politics to prepare students to work in the field of inter-ethnic relations and migration affairs, the first such program not only there but in the Russian Federation as a whole (

            Up to now and without any announcement, Magomed Omarov, the director of the new program says, there have been 3.5 applicants for every slot.  He said his institution had created the program because of “the colossal shortage of specialists” in nationality affairs in the Russian Federation.

            Among those who have agreed to teach courses in the two-year program are Leokadiya Drobizheva, the head of the Moscow Center for Research on Inter-Ethnic relations, Vladimir Zorin of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, and Vladimr Mukomel of the Moscow Institute of Sociology.

            Among the subjects the students will study are ethno-politics, regional political processes, the administration of ethno-political processes, nation building in Russia and the world, state nationalities and migration policies, national and civic identity, language policy, and ethno-political conflicts.

            Omarov says that he expects graduates of the program to work in the Presidential Administration, the Russian government, committees of the Federal Assembly, the Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs, the migration service of the Interior Ministry, the nationalities department of the city of Moscow, and international organizations involved in these issues.

            The appearance of this program will simultaneously fill gaps for practical workers that the existing Academy of Science institutions have not and challenge those institutions for dominance in the elaboration and application of state policy on nationality, legal and language issues.

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