Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Million Cars Said to Have Left Moscow as Fear of Coronavirus Spread

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 28 – According to a letter posted by political analyst Marat Bashirov, “approximately one million” cars left Moscow as the coronavirus infection spikes in the Russian capital and just before the days immediately preceding the imposition of restrictions intended to fight it.

            That figure is likely exaggerated, but even if the actual one was only half of that, this would mean that more than a million Muscovites have left their homes because of fears of the coronavirus or of concerns about the limitations on their lives they expected to be imposed as a result (censoru.net/2020/03/28/iz-moskvy-za-sutki-vyehalo-okolo-milliona-avto-naselenie-panikuet-i-gotovitsja-k-hudshemu.html).

            The letter Bashirov posts suggests that in some nearby Russian cities the hotels are full and many of the Muscovites – identifiable by their license places – are being taken in as paying guests by local people.  The towns the writer mentioned did not have coronavirus cases before this wave arrived, but it is entirely possible that they do now.

            In reporting this story, the Censoru portal says, that “Russians are making the very same mistake that Italians did at the start of the pandemic. As soon as the coronavirus spread through the major cities of Italy, residents immediately fled from these centers of infection” and by so doing spread it to smaller cities and rural areas.

            It adds that “a pandemic spreads very rapidly. A difficult situation with regard too th e coronavirus is already observed in Moscow Oblast and St. Petersburg.” There are cases in more than three-quarters of the federal subjects of the Russian Federation, including occupied Crimea and Stavropol.

            Russians are also experiencing another problem that other countries face: price-gouging by producers and sellers of goods in short supply be they things like masks directly related to the disease or those less so such as alcohol (vedomosti.ru/business/articles/2020/03/28/826472-rossiiskie-postavschiki-alkogolya).

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