Friday, March 27, 2020

Declaration of Coronavirus Pandemic Last Gasp of Globalist Elites, Sivkov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 23 – No one denies that the coronavirus pandemic is serious, but in terms of both the number of infections and the mortality rate among them, it is far behind the analogous figures for some other diseases, Konstantin Sivkov. And that suggests, he continues, that the decision to declare a pandemic suggests something else is going on.

            In the current issue of the influential Moscow military industry journal, Voyenno-Promyshlenny Kuryer, the Moscow commentator argues that what is currently taking place reflects certain fundamental trends that the virus has brought to a head but is far from being the primary cause (

            Rather the decision of international elites to declare a pandemic in the case of the coronavirus but not in the cases of other diseases reflects their heightened fear that they are losing control of the situation and their belief that they can use the emergency measures that a response to a pandemic requires to retain and even enhance their power.

            According to Sivkov, there are five reasons for assuming that the decision to declare a pandemic in this case was made by the elites of major countries: First, “the global crisis which had already seized all spheres of life of contemporary civilization, including the spiritual, was continuing to deepen.” And no way out was apparent.

            Second, “trans-national elites, having suffered defeat in their attempt to build a single world according to the strategy of globalization had begun to lose their influence as a result of ‘the revolt of national capital’” as in the case of Trump in the United States and the way in which China has “moved out of control” of others.

            Third, the leaders of national capital who have come to power have begun to realize that “without military force they will not be able to extend or even retain markets” and that “except for Russia,” there do not remain “any ‘militant peoples’ in the world.” Thus, they need a new mobilizing device, and the pandemic provides that.

            Fourth, “scientific and technical progress has reached such heights that its authors are already escaping from the control of political and economic elites.” The latter are threatened with the loss of their influence and power and need some new occasion to reassert it, something the declaration of a pandemic can provide.

            And fifth, as the populations of many countries increasingly recognize what is being taken away from them by the elites and turn to left-of-center agendas, the elites in order to defend themselves need some threat which will force the populace to look again to them rather than to some new agenda.

            Those who expected the globalists “having suffered defeat in the attempt to build a single, mondialist world, would immediately surrender from any further attempt” were “stupid,” Sivkov says. Instead, the globalists have launched a new campaign making use of the declaration of a pandemic now to try to prevent what appeared to have been the end of their dominance.

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