Sunday, March 29, 2020

Quarantining Russia by Regions will Trigger Separatism and Disintegration, Romanov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 25 – Moscow officials plan to impose quarantines on particular regions either out of ignorance or criminal intent to promote separatism and thus the disintegration of Russia, according to Igor Romanov, editor of the Orthodox Nationalist portal based in the Russian Far East (

            Moscow officials have shown themselves to be incompetent or worse in dealing with the coronavirus, he says. But perhaps the worst example of this is their notion that quarantines should be imposed not “everywhere and all at once but in particular regions” one at a time. Regional officials will help decide and this approach is “a path to separatism.”

            “If comrades from the [anti-virus] working group do not understand this,” Romanov says, this means that in general they understand very little. But if they do understand, then perhaps they are consciously promoting the disintegration of the country?” The virus doesn’t respect regional divisions any more than it does age differences or those who go to church.

            According to Romanov, these officials, “instead of taking real measures to preserve Russia and to free it from mass immigration, from anti-human world standards of life and education, and from foreign agents and financial speculators, are engaged in distractions and all possible PR actions.”

            “It is obvious,” he says, “that an entire stratum of bureaucrats today acts in complete correspondence with world demands even if these demands are completely absurd and idiotic” because they or their masters can see that this could lead to “a sudden liberal revolution” in Russia or at least into one or more of its parts.

            If this process proceeds, Romanov continues, “it is completely possible that the disintegration of the country will follow because the regions, already given increased authority in connection with the virus threat are beginning to use these powers freely.” There is even in some the beginning of a struggle for regional power.

            To block their efforts and thus to prevent Russia from disintegrating, “the Russian people needs to create right now its own organs of self-administration. There must be created a functioning information staff which will give adequate information about the situation in the country and adequate recommendations,” the Orthodox nationalist says.

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