Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Almost Two-Thirds of Ukrainians who’ve Moved Abroad Since Putin Began His Expanded Invasion Still Want to Return but Fewer Expect to Do So Soon, New Survey Finds

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Dec. 14 – Unlike Russian “relocators,” Ukrainians who have fled abroad since the start of Putin’s expanded war against their country overwhelmingly still say they want to return; but the share of those who expect to do so soon has slipped given the difficulties the war has caused and their adaptation to their new places of residence.

            That is the conclusion offered by a survey conducted for the Kyiv International Economic Forum by Gradus Research (uamedia.eu/ru/politics/prezident-zelenskii-rasskazal-kogda-ukraincy-nacnut-vozvrashhatsya-domoi-7152 discussed tendentiously at ritmeurasia.ru/news--2023-12-14--chislo-nevozvraschencev-sredi-ukrainskih-bezhencev-udvoilos-70397).

            In October 2022, 67 percent of Ukrainians who have fled the war said they would like to return as soon as possible; in October this year, the latest survey found, that figure had fallen slightly to 63 percent. While the percentage who say they would like to remain in their new countries of resident has risen from eight to 18 percent. 

            Most have jobs but many continue to have problems integrating in their new countries of residence for linguistic reasons. 

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