Tuesday, December 19, 2023

New Online Parody about ‘Death of Putin’ Recalls the Black Comedy Film on ‘Death of Stalin’

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Dec. 14 – A video clip about how Putin’s doubles will react when they think the Kremlin leader has died, one that echoes the black comedy film, “The Death of Stalin,” is widely circulating on line in Russia (censoru.net/2023/12/14/v-socsetjah-pojavilas-metkaja-parodija-vysmeivajuschaja-smert-putina.html).

            According to the clip, which is attached to the Censoru.net report, “the current head of the Kremlin died after getting yet another Botox injection, and three of his doubles begin looking for ways to protect themselves from what they assume will be a new purge. They decide to get rid of the leader’s body and take his place.”

            But the film makes clear that “this time, the wishes of millions of people around the world was not destined to come true because at the most inopportune moment, Putin suddenly comes back to life,” spreading terror into his doubles and prolonging “the agony of his regime for another day.”

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