Saturday, December 23, 2023

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada Set to Condemn Moscow’s Actions against Ingushetia and Back Republic's Right to Seek Independence

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Dec. 21 – Having declared Chechnya a temporarily occupied country a year ago (, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada is set to consider a resolution condemning Moscow’s actions against Ingushetia and supporting Ingushetia’s right to seek independence from Russia.

            The draft measure has already been registered on the site of the Ukrainian parliament ( and and reflects the views of the Ingush Independence Committee established last year (

            Moscow is certain to be outraged by this move, seeing it an indication that Kyiv may soon acknowledging Russian crimes against larger non-Russian groups such as the Tatars within the current borders of the Russian Federation and supporting their right to seek independence (

            Many in Russia and the West dismiss such Ukrainian actions as irrelevant, but they are important in that they signal that these peoples are not alone and have support around the world, something that may not lead to independence immediately but can play an important role of the kind US-led non-recognition policy did for the Baltic nations in Soviet times.

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