Saturday, December 30, 2023

For First Time Ever, Uzbek Foreign Ministry Summons Russian Ambassador and Gives Him a Dressing Down -- for the Imperialist Language of Close Putin Ally

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Dec. 28 – For the first time ever, Uzbekistan’s foreign ministry summoned Russia’s ambassador to Tashkent, Oleg Malginov, and gave him a dressing down for suggestions by Putin ally, Zakhar Prilepin that Moscow has the right to annex countries like Uzbekistan from which migrant workers to Russia come.

            Tashkent told the Russian diplomat that Prilepin’s recent statements were something Tashkent viewed “with a feeling of deep concern” because the Russian writer’s statements were “deliberately provocative and may have a negative impact on historically friendly relations” ( and

            The Russian diplomat and then the Russian foreign ministry replied that Prilepin’s views were his own and should not be interpreted as a statement of the Kremlin’s position, although neither explained why someone so openly imperialist and aggressive should occupy a position close to Vladimir Putin.

            It is entirely understandable why Tashkent would react to Prilepin’s views as it did. A few days earlier, the writer had said that Russia’s demographic problems could be resolved by the annexation to the Russian Federation of new territories, particularly those like Uzbekistan from which migrant labor was now coming into the country (

            Prilepin further declared that after Russia defeated Ukraine and organized a victory “parade” in Kyiv, Moscow would be in a position to make such demands. “I am not joking,” he said. We will raise the issue of disavowing the disintegration of the Soviet Union” and then we will take the former republics back. 


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