Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Was Magnitogorsk Explosion a Terrorist Act? Some Russians Think So

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 2 – In the climate of suspiciousness that arises from the low information environment the Putin regime has created and the regime’s own actions in the past, it is no surprise that Russians come up with their own explanations for any event, often putting the darkest possible construction on something that may or may not merit that approach.

            That is what is happening now in the wake of the Magnitogorsk apartment block explosions. News agencies in the region are reporting that traces of hexogon explosive have been found in the ruins, that the center of the explosion was in an apartment on the third floor, and that this suggests the tragedy was an act of terrorism.

            Russian officials say investigators have found no traces of explosive and no reason to believe the explosion was the work of terrorists ( and; but they say the investigation is continuing, statements that will likely do little to end speculations.
           And there is even the likelihood that some will conclude that this action was the work of the Russian government itself just as the 1999 apartment block explosions were, actions that helped boost Putin to office.  Given his current low standing in the polls, those inclined in a conspiratorial direction may suggest that this action may have been planned to keep him there.

          That seems highly improbable, but the Kremlin leader has only himself to blame for the fact that many will suspect him of being capable even of this. 

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