Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Putin Now World Leader of Permanent Counter-Revolution Against Globalism, Larin Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 21 – Those who say Putin does not have a core ideology and program of action are wrong, Aleksey Larin says. They cannot see that he is committed to a permanent counter-revolution against globalism and because of that has become the leader of all those who reject the homogenizing consequences of that trend.

            It was inevitable, the Russian commentator says, that globalism would generate opposition and that it would crystallize around a leader like Putin capable of feeling that discontent himself and capable of articulating that opposition and using his position to mobilize others (

            Unlike revolutionaries who are “always idealists,” Larin argues, “counter-revolutionaries are realists. A century ago Russia gave the world revolutionary idealists and the world was shaken. Now, in large measure thanks to its own bitter experience, Russia has become a bastion of counter-revolution and Vladimir Putin its leader and symbol.”

            Because any real revolution is inevitably worldwide so too must the counter-revolution be. And that is what is happening now. Vladimir Putin long ago became the idol of all rightwing nationalists and conservatives who want to preserve or restore traditional identities, the good old family, country, and faith and do not feel themselves to be retrogrades or degenerates.”

            Putin is hardly the first to articulate this, but because he is the leader of a nuclear power, he was the first to be listened to and that has allowed him to resist globalism while holding fast to national traditions, to defend sovereignty, and thus to allow people to live as they did and want to again.

            Implementing that program of permanent counter-revolution isn’t easy or cheap, “but the chance to live in one’s own way is for many people more significant. And these people recognize as their leader Vladimir Putin, a man who gave such a chance first to Russia and now to the etire world, from the Donbass and Syria to Italy and America.”

            Russians who fled their own country and now have experienced globalism first hand are “now voting for Putin, for the leader of the counter-revolution, for a man who gives them the hope that they can remain themselves,” Larin continues.

            Not surprisingly, “for this he is loved and hated, cursed and glorified.” But “for this he has entered into world and not only Russian history.  When the world has gone insane, all that is needed to look outstanding is to preserve one’s good sense.  Despite everything,” the Russian commentator says.  .

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