Tuesday, August 28, 2018

One in Five Duma Deputies ‘Lobbies for Siloviki,’ Transparency International-Russia Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, August 28 – Researchers at Transparency International-Russia analyzed” the biographies and the legislative and media activities of Duma deputies as well as records of who supported them in the elections, their ties to commercial and non-commercial organizations and also to the organs of power.”

            The watchdog organization concluded that 86 of the members of the Duma or 19.1 percent fell into this general category. Within it, there are two groups: those who have backgrounds in the siloviki organs themselves, and others who have shown themselves to be supporters of siloviki-backed legislation (lobbying.transparency.org.ru/siloviki/).

                Many of them can be identified in terms of the agency they are most likely to support, but in general, the Transparency International-Russia analysts say, those who support one agency in this sector are likely to support other agencies as well, making any further breakdown problematic. 

            Nonetheless, their report identified 26 deputies as specifically lobbying for the defense ministry, another 20 for the FSB, seven for the interior ministry, and eight for the procuracy and magistracy. Intriguingly, the Russian Guard, the Federal Protection Service, the Penal Service and the Emergency Situations Ministry do not have any clearly defined lobbyists in the Duma.

            The latter thus have to rely on alliances with the others who typically go along with them.   

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