Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kadyrov Ally Calls for Shutting Down Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd Television

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 16 – In the clearest indication yet that Ramzan Kadyrov has no plans to back down from his calls to treat Vladimir Putin’s opponents as “enemies of the people” -- and apparently feels that he has no reason to do so -- Magomed Daudov, head of the Chechen Parliament, has upped the ante, calling for closing down Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd television.

            In a statement released today, Daudov says that he wants to “lay out in brief [his] vision of the situation which has arisen today in our country and attempt to report to you [his] concerns about what is taking place” (

            Proudly identifying himself as a member of Kadyrov’s “command,” he says that he nonetheless remains spiritually “a Russian officer and patriot of [his] country” and thus always tries to act in the interests of both his own native republic and “Great Russia.”

            According to Daudov, “our leader Ramzan Kadyrov teaches us to look directly at all challenges” and respond with firmness.  He also teaches us, the parliamentarian says, that we should show “patience even toward those who, using the words ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ try to sow illegality and arbitrariness” in Russia.

            We would be tolerant even in the future “if it were not for the fact that today we are talking about the constitutional system and sovereignty of Russia,” Daudov says.  “Every Chechen knows very well [on the basis of his own experience] how the collapse of statehood and political chaos begins and how it inevitably leads to Civil War.”

            He continues: “We have experienced the actions of terrorists who bloody work is supported by foreign emissaries. We have seen the tears of children, old men and women who have become the innocent victims of a well-thought-out combination in the West directed at the collapse of Russia.”

            “The henchmen of North American special services through various Wahhabi foundations, NGOs and ‘human rights’ organizations from America and Europe” for a long time did not allow Chechens to return to a peaceful life.  Happily, thanks to the Kadyrovs and Vladimir Putin, things have turned around.

            “However, as we see, everything is not so simple,” especially now “when Russia has begun to declare itself as a strong and self-respecting state with its own views on what is taking place in the world,” its enemies are again becoming more active, the Chechen parliament head says.

            “Against the leadership of the country and its peoples has been unleashed an unprecedentedly large and deceitful information-terrorist war” to harm Russia and its peoples. This effort has used “paid-for puppets like Navalny and Khodorkovsky whose names have become known thanks to their illegally acquired wealth and open betrayal of state interests.”

            It is unclear why “openly hostile headquarters of the fifth column” like Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd” are allowed to continue to operate and spread their poison through Russia for their Western masters.

            Or why people like the Shenderoviches, Venediktovs, Ponomaryevs, Kalyapins, Merzlinkins or Yashins “can mock without punishment the customs and traditions of various peoples of Russia calling them wild or even medieval.”

            “The time has come when the Motherland needs wide and at the same time principled decisions,” lest it continue to allow such people “without a motherland and flag to sow distrust among us and thus by sparking a bloody conflict hand over our Fatherland to ‘new masters’ as happened already in Yugoslavia, Ukraine and the countries of the Arab world,” Daudov says.

            And he concludes with the following declaration: “We Chechens considers and consider that people like those enumerated above especially in the difficult conditions of those challenges facing [Russia] are traitors and not ‘an opposition’ as they have been accustomed to call themselves during the years of incitement and hypocrisy.”

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