Thursday, February 20, 2020

Interfax Says Ingush Man Shot at Siloviki Coming to Search His Home

Paul Goble

            Staunton, February 14 – Russia’s Interfax news agency says an Ingush man shot at siloviki who were coming to search his house, but local news outlets say they cannot confirm the story (, and

            If the Interfax report is true --  or even if it is not but is widely believed -- that could set the stage for the kind of massive crackdown in Ingushetia that the republic has not yet experienced over the last two years.  But the scantiness of the details Interfax provides and the inability of other agencies to confirm its story suggest that this may simply be an urban legend.

            Meanwhile, the judicial system continued to process Ingush protesters who have been charged with various crimes: First, Zakri Bopkhoyev turned himself in but denied he had acted politically in the March 2019 demonstrations ( and

            Second, Zubeyr Khamkhoyev, another demonstrator, became the 11th to be sentenced. He was given 20 months in jail for supposedly attacking the authorities.  He denies the charges. But because of time served, he will be eligible for release before the end of February (

            Third, defense lawyers in the case against Khasan Katsiyev have demanded that the courts call siloviki as witnesses. In most cases, the courts have accepted charges that demonstrators attacked this or that siloviki but not given the defense the opportunity to cross-examine them by having them as sworn witnesses (

            And fourth, Akhmed Nalgiyev became the latest Ingush prisoner to complain in court that his health has deteriorated since being arrested and that prison officials have refused to provide him with the medications he needs to treat his illnesses. (

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