Monday, June 13, 2022

A Greedy ‘Long War Party’ Now Forming Up in Moscow, Nezvzlin Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 26 – Having expected to win the war in Ukraine quickly and easily and thus benefit from doing so, the war party in Moscow has been forced to is now seeking to figure out what benefits including the acquisition of more property for its members from a drawn-out conflict there, Leonid Nevzlin says.

            According to the Israel-based Russian analyst, “before our eyes, ‘a long-war party’ is taking shape.” It consists of siloviki who are interested in having military actions continue as long as possible and not because they simply like to drink blood although some of them are psychologically ill and so inclined” (

            Instead, these people see such a conflict as bringing them at least some of the benefits they expected earlier from a quick victory by giving them a chance to take property away from those in the civilian sector and enrich themselves, Nevzlin says. “A long war creates all the conditions for a new redivision of property.”

            According to him, “the war is allowing them to make the undeclared state of emergency permanent” and each additional day puts money in their pockets. That means they don’t want the war to stop unless they “finally remake Russia” with themselves rather than anyone else in control of all Russia’s wealth and the political power they need to ensure they keep it.

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