Monday, June 13, 2022

Putin’s Promises about Continuity Lead Russians to Recall Hitler’s about Thousand-Year Reich

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 27 – Vladmir Putin’s constant talk about things lasting forever, about referenda, about everything being finalized, and also about voluntary unification is causing ever more Russians to recall what Hitler said about the thousand-year Reich and just how long that lasted, according to the latest anecdote from Moscow.

            Among the others Russian journalist Tatyana Pushkaryova has assembled this week ( are the following:

·       Why, Russians are now asking, do the powers that be in Russia do everything so that people with even the slightest bit of sense are beginning to make plans to emigrate?

 ·       Officials are telling most Russian school children not to learn English because “stupidly following a foreign civilization is dangerous” -- but children of Russian oligarchs are an exception as they will be living in English-speaking countries.

·       Russian officials are confident that the domestic replacement for McDonald’s will be great because 98 percent of the ingredients for its products are from Russia, but they are worried because these have to be put together properly or things won’t work out. After all, the BMW is made up of 98 percent of Russian products but if Russians put it together, they’ll get a VAZ.

 ·       Now it can be revealed why Eritrea supports Putin: Its leader has cancelled elections and put 10,000 political opponents behind bars. Obviously, a worthy ally for the Kremlin leader.

·       Russians know that people who use certain words, such as Anglo-Saxons, GayEurope, Ukronazis, Russophobia, and we can repeat are not worth talking about because their minds are made up or they don’t have minds to make up in the first place.

·       If only Dmitry Medvedev had proposed replacing the term “import substitution” with “technological sovereignty” earlier, then Russia would have escaped all the problems the former has brought, although it might have experienced some new ones.

·       Russians over drinks agree that something must be done, but they can’t agree on the first step. Should Russia occupy Kyiv or should Moscow be surrendered to the Ukrainians …

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