Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Russian Prime Minister ‘Up to His Neck’ in Magnitsky Case, Browder Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 18 – Mikhail Mishustin, whom Vladimir Putin has just named Russian prime minister, was involved “up to his neck” in the Magnitsky case, according to Bill Browder, founder of Hermitage Capital Management and a longtime campaigner for justice in the case of Sergey Magnitsky who died while in Russian custody.

            In a tweet, Browder says that “while minister of the federal tax service, [Mishustin] took part in the unprecedented posthumous persecution of Sergey Magnitsky over the course of three years after his murder in a Russian prison” and provides photostats of documents supporting his charge (rusmonitor.com/brauder-mishustin-souchastnik-po-delu-magnitskogo.html).

            Under laws adopted by the United States and the European Union, 16 Russian officials involved in the death and persecution of Magnitsky are blocked from entering the US and the EU.  In naming Mishustin, Vladimir Putin is testing the West to see whether it will maintain its position now that an even more senior Russian official has been identified as part of this.

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