Saturday, January 18, 2020

Putin Will Seek ‘a New World Order’ with Trump and Xi at a New Yalta after November 2020, Khazin Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 15 – If Donald Trump is re-elected later this year, he, Putin and Xi will move quickly to put in place “a new world order” by means of a new Yalta agreement that will replace the failing Bretton Woods economic system, according to Mikhail Khazin, head of the Neocon Consulting Company.

            If Trump loses the election, of course, the Russian economist says, this will not happen as soon because “a civil war will begin in the United States,” making it impossible for Washington to take part in such transforming economic and political negotiations (

            But Khazin clearly expects Trump to be re-elected and the resulting tripartite talks to re-divide the world and draw new “red lines” so that each of the three major players will know where and what it can do and what it must avoid doing.  In this situation, Putin will move to create “a USSR 2.0” and something resembling the Soviet bloc in eastern Europe.

            According to the economist, Putin’s recent talk about the mistake Lenin made in forming the USSR must be understood as being the product of his own thinking about how to reconstruct a country centered on Moscow without making concessions to nationalities at least in a territorial way. 

            The same thing follows from Putin’s discussion of the redrawing of borders in Eastern Europe by means of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The Kremlin leader’s words are not about pre-World War II Europe but about the continent after 2020 when new borders will have to be drawn both within the former Soviet space and more generally.

            And a third group of comments by Putin, his talk of “purges” but not “repression,” is also instructive. It suggests that he is getting ready to get rid of the liberal economic advisors who have dominated Moscow since 1991. Only if they are removed can Russia develop as a national economy in a post-Bretton Woods world, and only then can a partial re-nationalization happen.

            Putin’s goal now is not just to remain in office, as many seem to think, Khazin says. Instead, he wants to achieve “a new Yalta.”  Once that happens, everything will change; and he could easily win re-election as president in a completely free election or decide to run things from a different position.

            Khazin concludes that in this situation a new ideology, one combining imperial and socialist elements and being “partially Orthodox socialist” and “partially Islamic socialist” will come to dominate the new Moscow-centered state.

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