Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Ten Teips Now have Asked Kalimatov to Re-Appoint Members of Ingush Supreme Court

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 12 – Two more teips have asked Ingush republic head Makhmud-Ali Kalimatov to re-appoint members of the republic’s Supreme Court. That means that about ten teips have made that request as have the Council of Teips and the regional Association of Lawyers (fortanga.org/2020/01/tejpy-harphoj-i-sejnaroj-prosyat-kalimatova-pereizbrat-na-novyj-srok-dejstvuyushhij-sostav-ks-ri/).

            Most Ingush back the current membership of the court because of the willingness of its members to speak out on behalf of legal norms, including the rules governing referendums in the case of territorial changes that the Yevkurov regime ignored when it entered into its territorial agreement with Chechnya.

            Kalimatov is thus under enormous pressure to re-appoint the current members of the court. If he doesn’t, it is likely that what support he has in the population will instantly disappear, creating a new and dangerous situation in which the leaders of the teips and especially of the Council of Teips will be the only legitimate institution in the minds of the population.

            Should that occur, Moscow would be compelled to use force to restore the status quo ante, something that in and of itself will further unsettle the situation.  At the same time, it is clear that Aleksandr Matovnikov, the presidential plenipotentiary for the North Caucasus, and Moscow itself want a new and different court on which they can rely.

            Unlike many other issues for his decision, this is one that Kalimatov cannot sidestep or even delay that much longer.

            Meanwhile, a survey of the treatment of journalists in the federal subjects in the south of the Russian Federation finds that Ingushetia ranks sixth in terms of their persecution in 2018. Occupied Crimea and Daghestan had a much sorrier track record, the survey finds (doshdu.com/dagestan-zanjal-trete-mesto-po-chislu-presledovanij-zhurnalistov-na-juge-rossii/).

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