Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ossetian Deputies Furious at Ingush Book Detailing Ossetian Cooperation with Nazis

Paul Goble

            Staunton, November 18 – A book first published 10,000 copies in May 2019 and now about to appear in its third edition by a pseudonymous Ingush writer from the Prigorodny District describes Ossetian cooperation with the Germans during World War II. It has been denounced by Ossetian parliament and Ingush police have confiscated some of the copies.

            The author, writing under a pseudonym that has still not been resolved, says he wrote the book to counter what he describes as false accusations against the Ingush of collaboration the Germans. He used archival documents and German studies (

            As described by Fortanga, the book seems relatively objective and very similar to German, Soviet and Russian studies on the same subject (For a discussion of these, see Rolf-Deter Müller, The Unknown Eastern Front: The Wehrmacht and Hitler's Foreign Soldiers (London, 2012.)

            But because the author is an Ingush from the district that the Ingush claim but that is now part of North Ossetia, because he chose to write under a pseudonym, and because tensions between the two, always high since the 1992, are again rising, the appearance of this book and its popularity are likely to make things worse.

            Concerns about tensions between Ingushetia and its neighbors also are behind a new declaration of the Ingush Committee for National Unity that no one must make Ingush objections to the September 2018 agreement handing over 26,000 hectares of Ingush land the occasion for hostility between the two Waynakh peoples (

            The Ingush and Chechens are “two fraternal peoples who together have passed through tests over the course not of a century or two but over millenia,” the declaration says. The current dispute between Magas and Grozny is about the actions of two Moscow-appointed leaders not about any conflict between the two peoples.

            Unfortunately, the Committee says, some people on both sides have used the Internet and other media to say things which inappropriately extend the dispute and threaten to make it impossible for the two nations to live in peace and harmony in the future. That must end, the Ingush organization says.

            “We are Muslims and we are Waynakhs. Any insult of a Chechen or an Ingush must be viewed as an insult against all of us regardless of from whom it comes,” it concludes.

            Meanwhile, Albert Balakhoyev, who was arrested and then fined for his chance involvement in the March 2019 protests in Ingushetia, has appealed to the European Court for Human Rights citing his over-long detention and the absence of both evidence against him and proper judicial consideration (

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