Saturday, November 30, 2019

Speedy Investigation of Murder of Ingush Official in Moscow Highlights RussianSystem’s Double Standards, Mutsolgov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, November 27 – One can only be impressed by the speed with which investigators have tracked down the apparent murderers of Ibragim Eldzharikiyev, the head of the anti-extremism authorities for Ingushetia, were it not for one thing, Ingush blogger Magomed Mutsolgov says. It highlights the double standards of Russian and Ingush officials.

            The authorities have thrown all their resources to get a quick resolution of this case involving the killing of one of their own, but they do not make a similar commitment when the victim is an ordinary Russian or Ingush, the Ingush blogger says. Then, they the wheels of justice to grind extremely slowly if at all (

            Many murders and disappearances in Ingushetia remain unresolved, especially when there is evidence that the Russian siloviki were behind them.  All this shows, he says, that “in our days, success in solving crimes depends not on professionalism as it should but on the presence of political will of the leadership of the country or of one of its regions.”

            The resolution of crimes is hardly the only sphere in which there are now two classes of people in the Russian Federation, those who are part of or are supported by the powers that be and those who are not.  The treatment of those incarcerated also depends on which category an individual is a member of.

            The former are often treated better while in confinement and released early, but the latter are mistreated and kept in detention despite the absence of evidence of anything approaching a crime.  A case of the latter that attracted attention today involves Zarifa Sautiyeva who reports she has been deprived of necessary medicines for five days.

            This was connected with her illegal transfer from one detention center to another. She wanted to begin a hunger strike in protest, but her attorney, Bilan Dzugayev, dissuaded her lest she suffer even more ( and

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