Friday, June 15, 2018

Moldovan President Should be Investigated for Treason on Behalf of Russia, Candu Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 15 – It is a measure of the kind of actions Vladimir Putin has been taking and the difficulties they can cause that the speaker of the Moldovan parliament now says that Igor Dodon, the president of his country, is “working for Russia” and suggests the official be investigated for treason on behalf of Moscow against Moldova.

            In an interview with Ukraine’s news agency, Andrean Candu, 42, the speaker of the Moldovan parliament, says that it is obvious that Dodon always supports Moscow’s position against Moldova and that this makes it clear that he is “working for Russia” (

                “Unfortunately,” Candu continues, the president of Moldova is elected directly by the population but “his role according to the Constitution and in the state system is more decorative” than substantive.  Because [Moldova] is a parliamentary republic. He has some powers, but they are very small.”

            In Moldova, the speaker says, “we say that he has ‘a strong voice but weak hands.’”

            Asked if he was prepared to launch an investigation into Dodon for treason, Candu replies that “we think that there will be a time and context for beginning an investigation in the parliament. But you must understand that the investigation must lead to something after this. Perhaps, we will remove him, at least for 30 days.”

            “After 30 days, we must organize a referendum, and he remains quite popular. Therefore, let us wait until things move a big more. Let us big a major investigation because by the way, a month ago, he flew to St. Petersburg on a jet chartered and paid for by Russian businessmen, and this is already having an impact on his reputation.”

            As a result, the speaker says, “we think that we will begin the investigation in parliament.”  Then, of course, it will need to be turned over to Moldova’s law enforcement agencies who must look into cases involving the betrayal of the country to a foreign power. 

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