Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Russian Government ‘Near Collapse’ Because of Low Quality of Administrators, Sadulayev Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 25 – Despite the desire of upper level managers to find intelligent and capable people to fill administrative positions, German Sadulayev says, “the Russian system is near collapse because of the poor quality” of those being named to them, the result of the regime’s overriding preference for the loyal rather than the capable.

            Increasingly, the Russian essayist and KPRF activist says, the choice never even reaches that between the talented and the loyal. Instead, the regime chooses among the loyal, often among the sons and daughters of its current leaders or among accidental people like guards, sportsmen and the like (publizist.ru/blogs/110167/30159/-).

            This “negative selection” has the effect of filling the regime with those who don’t know how to carry out the regime’s own intentions, a particularly sad development because “in Russia, there is an unbelievable quantity of smart, talented and even brilliant administrators” as can be seen if one looks beyond “the bordello” out of which government officials are being chosen.

            Talented Russians are especially to be found in small and mid-sized businesses where their skills have allowed those companies to survive despite the Putin regime’s hostility to them as a dangerous independent force, one that the regime has been doing everything it can to destroy.

            In the cultural realm in particular, Sadulayev says, those outside the culture ministry regularly display remarkable skills while those inside its ranks show the lack of such skills.  The existence of the former helps keep Russian culture alive, while the dead hand of the latter is doing everything it can, even if it does not intend to, to kill

            Unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved “within the framework of the current paradigm.” The powers that be know this is the case but those on top simply cannot allow any other outcome except the one they have now.  For them, the system must simply serve them even if it serves them poorly and serves Russia worse.

            And therefore, Sadulayev argues, the solution to the administrative problem lies in the political realm: Russians must vote out those who are now in and thus destroy what is hidden “behind the false façade of ‘sovereign democracy,” a collection of incompetents whose only skill is thinking up new ways to steal and new “enemies of the people” to repress.

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