Saturday, March 23, 2019

Ten Reasons Russians have to ‘Respect’ Their Leaders

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 22 – Now that Russians are legally required to show respect their leaders, the satirical page of the MBK portal has provided in a video a list of ten reasons that Russians have to respect them ( In fact, each is a good reason for Russians or anyone else living under similar conditions not to:

1.      They are very rich.

2.      They all have expensive watches, yachts, and cars.

3.      Their children study in the best schools and universities of the world.

4.      They help their relatives and friends achieve unprecedented success in careers and business.

5.      They take good care of their own physical wellbeing.

6.      They travel a lot and take wonderful vacations.

7.      They are quite well acquainted with offshore economics.

8.      They have shown unbelievable success in finding enemies foreign and domestic.

9.      They control the media, courts and police.

10.  They act above the law and can adopt any law they want.

Can the rulers of any other civilized country do this all at the same time?
But ours can!

How can’t this be the basis for the deepest respect by the poor, ill, rightless population of our country?

            As the Putinists appear to have forgotten, it has often been observed that authoritarians can survive anything except being laughed at – and now it appears that they are the object not just of disdain but of contemptuous mirth. 

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